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The team continues to work on a solution and is hoping to have all of the pages up soon. For now, you’ll find the first page of the dashboard on the website.

A couple of things to note:

  • The NDDoH is following the guidance from the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) – the independent professional body that determines case definitions for the country. CSTE guidance and the CDC indicate that someone who has a positive antigen test for COVID-19 should be considered a probable case. Probable cases receive the same level of case investigation and follow-up as cases confirmed using a PCR test.
  • PCR tests and antigen tests are displayed separately on the first page of the dashboard and are broken out into daily and cumulative totals on the second page. For the rest of the graphs and maps, totals include both PCR tests and antigen tests combined.
  • Antigen tests are not taken into account in the percent positivity. Some testing facilities are not reporting all antigen testing. As a result, we do not know the total number of negatives and total tests completed to be able to calculate a positivity rate. 
  • Positive antigen tests have been added to the totals. The past positive antigen tests and 12 deaths reported yesterday are reflected on the dashboard on the actual day they were resulted. So, the daily new positives reported today are the PCR tests and antigen tests reported from yesterday, as is usually done.


3,603 – Total Tests from Yesterday*

1,233,700 – Total tests completed since the pandemic began  

201 – Positive Individuals from Yesterday***** 

188 – PCR Tests | 13 antigen tests
88,067 – Total positive individuals since the pandemic began 

5.68% – Daily Positivity Rate** 

3,592 - Total Active Cases  

-100 Individuals from Yesterday 

383 – Individuals Recovered from Yesterday (361 with a recovery date of yesterday****)  

83,318 – Total recovered since the pandemic began 

277 – Currently Hospitalized  

+7 - Individuals from yesterday 

5 – New Deaths*** (1,157 total deaths since the pandemic began)


  • Man in his 70s from Adams County.
  • Man in his 90s from Burleigh County.
  • Man in his 80s from Burleigh County.
  • Man in his 60s from Morton County.
  • Woman in her 60s from Sioux County.  


  • Benson County - 1
  • Burleigh County - 49
  • Cass County – 41
  • Cavalier County - 1
  • Golden Valley County - 1
  • Grand Forks County – 6
  • LaMoure County - 1
  • Logan County - 2
  • McKenzie County - 1
  • McLean County – 3
  • Mercer County - 1
  • Morton County – 20
  • Mountrail County – 1
  • Pembina County – 3
  • Pierce County - 15
  • Ramsey County – 4
  • Ransom County – 1
  • Renville County - 1
  • Richland County - 2
  • Rolette County – 4
  • Sargent County - 3
  • Sioux County – 3
  • Stark County – 5
  • Stutsman County – 8
  • Towner County - 1
  • Traill County - 5
  • Ward County – 17
  • Williams County – 1

* Note that this includes PCR tests and does not include individuals from out of state.

**Individuals who tested positive divided by the total number of people tested who have not previously tested positive (susceptible encounters). Antigen tests (positive or negative) are not included in the calculation.

*** Number of individuals who tested positive with a PCR or antigen test and died from any cause while infected with COVID-19. Please remember that deaths are reported as they’re reported to us by the facility or through the official death record (up to 10-day delay).

**** The actual date individuals are officially out of isolation and no longer contagious.

*****Daily positive numbers include people who tested with a PCR or antigen test. Totals may be adjusted as individuals are found to live out of state, in another county, or as other information is found during investigation.

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