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Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) is now accepting certifications from qualified applicants. The PEUC program provides a 13-week extension of benefits to Unemployment Insurance claimants who have exhausted a regular current claim.

Beginning Thursday, May 14, letters are being sent to applicants who have submitted claims for PEUC aid since April 4, when Job Service North Dakota began accepting PEUC applications. The letter can also be found by logging into UI ICE and checking the "Correspondence" tab.

Applicants who qualify for PEUC aid will receive the same weekly benefit amount as their regular UI claims plus the $600 FPUC benefit each week. The FPUC additional payment is currently available through the week ending 7/25/2020. 

The system will allow claimants to certify all past weeks for which they are eligible under program rules.

The only place to file a PEUC claim is on Claimants should beware of scams. There is no fee to file for unemployment compensation. Job Service North Dakota will never ask for any kind of payment in order to process a claim. If a claimant gets a phone call from someone identifying themselves as a representative of Job Service North Dakota, they should never send money.

IMPORTANT: No PEUC payments can be made until the claimant has certified their eligibility.

Applicants may file a claim for PEUC, as well as regular Unemployment Insurance, and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance at

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Automated Phone System: 701-328-4995