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North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) employees teamed up with the North Dakota Department of Health this week to deliver medical supplies to hospitals around the state.

 NDDOT provided six drivers to haul 40 percent of the personal protective equipment in the state medical cache to 49 hospitals across North Dakota. Some of the equipment included gowns, gloves and masks.

 “This mission is vital for the state to provide the best care possible for its citizens,” said NDDOT Director Bill Panos. “We want every hospital in the state to have supplies on-hand and be prepared as possible to deal with the effects of this global pandemic.”

 Deliveries began Monday, March 30, and will continue to be made daily until the supplies are properly distributed.

 “These NDDOT drivers are providing an invaluable service and their efforts will have a lasting impact on healthcare workers and patients in North Dakota,” said Panos.


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