Investigation of explosion incident is ongoing


Date: November 22, 2016

Agency: North Dakota Highway Patrol

Contact: Lt. Tom Iverson, NDHP, 701-328-2455

Mandan N.D. - Law enforcement agencies are currently investigating the area of the Backwater Bridge this morning where law enforcement reported hearing an explosion at approximately 3:00am on Nov. 21. Officers on the scene of the explosion say two males and a female were using a barricade to hide their activity under and around the remaining burned vehicle stationed on the north side of the Backwater Bridge. After repeated orders from law enforcement to come out from behind the barricade and attempts to force them out with less than lethal direct impact of bean bags and sponge rounds, officers noticed subjects approach the area with one of them rolling multiple silver cylinder objects toward the subjects positioned under or around the burned vehicle. It was at this time an explosion occurred and several protestors ran to the area, pulled a female from under the burned vehicle, and fled the scene.

Upon investigation, law enforcement investigators found one pound propane cylinders including one that appeared to be intentionally punctured and other debris in the area, including large rocks and glass jars consistent with the design of Molotov cocktails. Other evidence was taken and is currently being investigated.

Further details will be released later this afternoon as we continue to receive information from the investigation.

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