Approximately 150-200 protestors trespassed on private property and occupied the DAPL construction area south of St. Anthony near the intersection of Hwy 6/Morton Co Rd 135.  Two protestors attached themselves to equipment.  Protestors painted graffiti was painted on some of the equipment.  Independent Presidential candidate Jill Stein was at the site.  LE monitored the situation but did not attempt to remove or arrest the protestors.  By approximately 1600 hrs, the protestors had left the scene.A small fire was reported on a planked entrance road to a DAPL construction site. Federal District Court Judge ruled on the request for a restraining order by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to stop DAPL from construction 20 miles in both directions from the Missouri River.  The Judge ruled that construction can continue west of Hwy 1806 but is restrained from construction for 20 miles east of Hwy 1806.