At approximately 1100 hrs. a large group of protesters in vehicles left the main camp and drove to the “north camp” area and parked along the roadway.  A group estimated at 100-200 engaged in a demonstration along the road but did not significantly impeded any traffic.At approximately 11:45 am a convoy of approximately 100 vehicles containing protesters drove up to DAPL site AR 114.  They remained at the site until approximately 2:00 pm when they left and drove to DAPL site AR 117.  They left this site at approximately 3:25 pm. Law enforcement responded to both sites and monitored the situation but no arrests were made at the protest sites. Law enforcement did arrest 5 persons as a result of them blocking a roadway during the convoy movement. It was initially reported that 3 DAPL security persons were assaulted by protesters at one of the construction sites.  There was no confirmation that any security was assaulted and no assault reports were received. Approximately 3 DAPL signs were shot at a site – these were paper type signs.  Graffiti was also scratched into the coating on some pipe which will need to be recoated.