DAPL moved their construction equipment that was located in areas between Hwy 1806 and Hwy 6 to the area west of Hwy 6.  The equipment that is east of Hwy 1806 in the site of the original protest was left at that location.At approximately 10:50 am a report was received of protesters at a DAPL site located west of Glen Ullin north of Exit 120 near MM 106.5. Two protesters were reported as having attached themselves to equipment.  Law enforcement officers responded and 22 subjects were arrested.  At approximately 11:30 am a report was received of a large number of persons (approximately 100) walking from the main camp north on Hwy 1806 accompanied by vehicles and blocking both lanes of travel.  Due to safety concerns, the TIP was converted to a TCP.  The persons went to the north approach of the original protest site just north of the main camp.  After approximately 2 hours, the group returned to the camps.  At that time, BIA officers estimated the group to be about 300 persons.  At approximately 4:00 pm the TCP was converted back to a TIP. At approximately 12:20 am it was reported that a group of protesters was blocking traffic on 40th Street near a DAPL site 5 miles west and 1 mile south of New Salem.  It was believed this group of protesters had left the site near Glen Ullin.  This group then moved onto the construction site and DAPL workers stopped work and left the site.  The protesters were subsequently reported as piling tires by construction equipment.  The protesters left the site prior to LE arrival.  Unknown damage at this time.