The “Ride for Our Sacred Water” left the overflow camp at approximately 11:30 am.  There were approximately 20 riders on horseback accompanied by support vehicles.  They traveled northbound on Hwy 1806 to the Ft. Rice area where they then headed west.  The support vehicles were traveling at a slow rate of speed creating a traffic hazard so the TIP was converted to a TCP from approximately noon – 1:50 pm. The rider group broke into separate groups.  One group continued on in the general area of the planned route to continue on towards the end destination of Tioga.  Other groups rode around the area with one group wanting to get onto the DAPL site at AR 121 to take photos.  LE did not allow this. These splinter groups ultimately loaded their horses into trailers and left the area.  A drone was seized from Myron Dewey as a result of an investigation into a stalking offense which occurred earlier in the day.