At approximately noon, a semi-tractor left the protest camp and went onto Hwy 1806 south of the Backwater Bridge and pulled the burned car and the D.O.T. sign from the west ditch onto the highway.  Other material was placed in the roadway and a cable was strung across the road to form a barricade.  After about an hour, the semi-tractor pulled the car and sign back into the ditch and the other material and cable was removed from the roadway. At approximately 3:40 pm, a group of approximately 25 protesters assembled at the intersection of Hwy 6/Hwy 21 but they did not obstruct traffic or cause problems.  This group left at about 5:30 pm.  At approximately 4:50 pm, a group of approximately 50 persons accompanied by riders on horseback left the camp and went walking south on Hwy 1806.  They went to the Cannonball Bridge and then returned to camp.  It was later reported on social media that this may have been related to a subject being forced from the camp that had allegedly tried to commit a sexual assault.  At approximately 5:30 pm, a group of approximately 25 subjects unloaded items from pickups that were placed into a large pile and burned on the shoreline.  No problems were created.  Information was received later that the items burned may have been material from the North Camp. At approximately 5:45 pm, the semi-tractor returned to the Backwater Bridge and backed up to the burned trucks at the barricade on the north end of the bridge.  It appeared as if subjects from the truck may have intentions of hooking a chain to one of the burned trucks, but never did.  The semi-tractor left the bridge at 6:30 pm and returned to the Seven Councils camp.