At approximately 6:45 am, law enforcement received a report of protesters establishing a roadblock near the intersection of Co Rd 82/Hwy 10 west of Mandan by the Precision Pipeline yard.  They left prior to law enforcement arrival and left a “sleeping dragon barrel” on Co Rd 82.  Law enforcement responded did contact these subjects.  At about the same time, a second report of a vehicle pulling a U Haul trailer containing protesters was observed in the area and law enforcement also did contact this vehicle.  No arrests were made with either group.     At approximately noon, a group of approximately 300 persons left the Seven Councils camp and walked to the Backwater Bridge where they conducted a prayer ceremony.  They left and returned to camp after about one hour.  No problems were encountered. At approximately 9 am and at 5:15 pm, a semi-tractor was driven onto the Backwater Bridge close to the burned out trucks on the bridge.  The semi-tractor was accompanied by about 10 persons.  Law enforcement was concerned the semi-tractor may attempt to move the burned out trucks and gave commands to stay away from the trucks.  On each occasion, after about 45 minutes, the semi-tractor left and drove back toward the Seven Councils camp.