At approximately 8:30 am, law enforcement used boats to seize and remove the wooden bridge and various watercraft from the shoreline by Turtle Hill.  Security fencing was also installed on the shoreline at the base of Turtle Hill.  At approximately 10:00 am, small groups of vehicles were seen leaving the Seven Council camp and eventually a significant number of protester vehicles were observed traveling into Bismarck/Mandan.  At approximately 12:15 pm, law enforcement determined that protester vehicles were beginning to assemble at Kirkwood Mall and at approximately 12:45 pm, protest activity began to occur within Kirkwood Mall.  Protesters were violating rules established by mall management and would not leave when asked.  Law enforcement arrested 33 protesters and the remainder did disperse and leave the mall.  A group of protesters assembled along Bismarck Expressway by the mall but did not disrupt traffic.  By approximately 2:30, all protesters had left the area of Kirkwood Mall. No other protest activities occurred in Bismarck/Mandan. A group of approximately 30 protesters assembled in the area of Turtle Island in the afternoon and one subject was using a rope and homemade type grapple hook to try and grab the security wire at the base of Turtle Hill by throwing it across the creek separating Turtle Island and Turtle Hill.   No significant events occurred at Turtle Hill.  Col. Henderson, USCOE District Commander provided a letter to Chairman Archambault primarily advising that effective December 5, 2016 the Corps managed federal property north of the Cannonball River is closed to all public use and access.