At approximately 9:15 am, a caravan of approximately 100 vehicles left the Seven Councils camp and traveled to the location of Hwy 1806/County Rd 138A where they encountered a law enforcement roadblock which prevented the caravan from traveling south on Hwy 1806.  The protesters conducted a demonstration on Hwy 1806 at that location for approximately 1 hour and then the caravan departed and traveled to Bismarck/Mandan.In Bismarck/Mandan a small group of protesters conducted a demonstration in the area of the Morton LEC/Wells Fargo Bank for approximately ½ hour and then left and no significant problems occurred and there were no arrests with this group. The majority of the caravan traveled to downtown Bismarck where they conducted protest demonstrations in a variety of locations for approximately 2 hours.  No significant problems occurred with this group and there were no arrests.    There was some smaller groups of protesters on the Backwater Bridge throughout the day but no problems were encountered on the bridge.