Throughout the early morning hours, protesters were constructing a wooden bridge from their camp on Cantapeta Creek in an attempt to reach the north shore of the creek.  At approximately 9:30 am, law enforcement issued a warning to the protesters to remove the bridge and remain on the south shore of the creek.  The protesters ignored the warning and law enforcement placed officers in boats and approximately 10:50 am, law enforcement towed the bridge away.  A group of approximately 100 protesters entered the water and approached towards the law enforcement line stationed on the north shore of the creek.  Protesters were throwing rocks, bricks, and other items at law enforcement officers.  Law enforcement deployed chemical agents and less lethal munitions as necessary to counter protester assaults and to disperse them.   The confrontation ended at approximately 2:00 pm.   Also during the morning hours, the protesters towed their burned vehicles from the Backwater Bridge.  Approximately 150 protesters were on the bridge during the morning and remained relatively peaceful. The protester camp on Cantapeta Creek has grown slightly and now has 3 teepees at the campsite.  No arrests were made at the protest sites today.  A male subject was arrested for conspiracy to obstruct a government function for purchasing kayaks and canoes which he was transporting to the protest camp.