At approximately 9:00 am, a caravan of approximately 130 vehicles left the Seven Councils camp and proceeded to the area of the Precision Pipeline yard located west of Mandan where DAPL equipment is stored.  Upon arrival at approximately 10:30 am, the protesters formed on Co Rd 82 in front of the yard as well as the entrances to the lot.  There were an estimated 500 protesters present.  Law enforcement responded into the yard.  There was no confrontation between the protesters and law enforcement and the protesters dispersed from the area at approximately noon. During the incident, it was reported that a person (possible protester) was struck by a vehicle trying to leave the area.  Metro Ambulance responded and the person refused medical treatment.  Unknown as to the nature or extent of the injury. During the incident, there was a report of shots being fired into the air, possibly by a construction company employee who was surrounded by protesters.  Law enforcement is investigating this report.  Towards the end of the incident, there were a group of local residents in vehicles that were on Co Rd 82.  This group was being approached by some protesters and some in the group armed themselves with rifles.  Law enforcement officers positioned themselves between the groups to control the situation and reported the local residents were very irate.   No arrests resulted from this incident.