At approximately 2:45 am, approximately 50 protesters were at the Backwater Bridge removing the security wire from the barricade on the north end of the bridge.  Law enforcement responded and the protesters disregarded orders to leave the bridge.  The officers eventually withdrew a short distance and observed the protesters.  The protesters continued to remove the security wire at the barricade and a few went to the north side of the barricade.  Approximately 10 of the protesters were equipped with protective hand-held shields.   The protesters remained standing in the area of the barricade and were yelling at the officers.  After approximately one hour, all protesters had dispersed from the bridge.  No arrests were made.During this incident, the NDHP plane was targeted by laser and spotlight from the protest camp. The security wire damaged in the incident early in the morning was repaired by approximately 11:00 am. Throughout the afternoon, several protesters came onto the bridge and were examining the repaired security measures at the barricade. At approximately 3:15 pm, 2 protesters were arrested for trespassing at Turtle Hill. At approximately 11:50 pm, a group of 15 protesters was on the bridge tampering with the security wire at the barricade.  The group left after about 15 minutes and only did minimal damage to the wire.