President Trump issued an executive order to advance approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline in addition to the Keystone Pipeline.  The order did not provide any specifics that would allow for DAPL to begin crossing Lake Oahe.At approximately 9:15 pm, law enforcement officers observed a vehicle drive from the Oceti protest camp and park at Turtle Island.  The 3 occupants who proceeded to fly a drone which subsequently crashed on the south side of the Cannonball River.  Law enforcement officers approached the occupants to arrest them for trespass.  The occupants ran back to the vehicle and began to leave.  Officers in UHV’s attempted to stop the vehicle and the vehicle backed into the UHV to its rear, forcing the UHV to take evasive action. The UHV sustained some damage. The vehicle fled nearly striking other UHV’s and headed back towards the Oceti Sakowin camp on a plowed road.  Officers were able to get the vehicle stopped and the 3 occupants (2 males and one female) were arrested and charged with multiple offenses.