At approximately noon, protesters began assembling on the Backwater Bridge.  By 2:00 pm, there were approximately 30 at the barricade on the north end of the bridge.  At approximately 3:45 pm, law enforcement officers crossed the barricade to the south side in order to move the protesters back so the security measures at the barricade that were removed by the protesters the previous night could be reinstalled.  As the officers crossed the barricade they arrested 2 protesters and the remaining protesters moved back to the south side of the bridge and the officers maintained a position in the middle of the bridge until the barricade repairs were completed at approximately 6:30 pm.  The officers crossed back to the north side of the barricade and the protesters eventually moved back up to the barricade.  At approximately 7:00 pm the majority of the protesters had dispersed from the bridge with only a few remaining. Throughout the evening, the number of protesters on the bridge began to increase and by approximately 10:30 pm there was an estimated 75 on the bridge and they were removing the security wire from the barricades on the north end of the bridge. Law enforcement responded and additional officers began arriving at the bridge.  The protesters did not make any significant attempts to cross the bridge and there was basically a standoff between the protesters and law enforcement until the protesters dispersed from the bridge at approximately 3:00 am.  No arrests were made of protesters during this activity during the night/early morning. Protesters were reported as targeting the NDHP airplane with lasers and also supposedly targeted a commercial airplane with a laser during the evening.