All persons were to be vacated from the Oceti Sakowin camp and other adjacent US Army Corps of Engineer property by 2:00 pm.At approximately 7:50 am, 3 large fires were reported as burning in the camp.  Throughout the morning and early afternoon, there were continual fires accompanied by some explosions in the camp as structures and debris were being burned.  It is estimated there were approximately 20 fires. At approximately 8:50 am, contractors reporting to the camp to assist with cleanup were denied entry by camp officials at the gate to the Oceti camp. At approximately 9:15 am, BIA established a traffic control point on Hwy 1806 south of the Ocetic camp to prohibit anyone from entering the area of the camp from the south on Hwy 1806.  Access from the north continued to be controlled by the checkpoint just south of the backwater bridge. At approximately 12:45 pm, a procession estimated to be approximately 100 people left the Oceti camp walking south on Hwy 1806.  This group continued to walk south and were allowed to leave the area. At approximately 12:54 pm, a report was received of 2 individuals that received burns as a result of a fire/explosion in the camp and were being brought from the camp to be picked up by ambulance.  They were subsequently transported to a Bismarck hospital by Standing Rock Ambulance.  The victims were a 17 year old female and a 7 year old male. At approximately 1:30 pm, protesters blocked the north entrance to the Ocetic camp with a metal gate and also strung razor or barbed wire across the entrance. Protesters gathered on Hwy 1806 in front of the camp and at approximately 4:10 pm, law enforcement officers moved to the area by the camp and the protesters on the highway ignored orders to disperse.  Subsequently 10 were arrested and taken into custody.  The remainder fled on foot from the officers and moved to the south.  Officers then returned to the traffic checkpoint that is north of the camp. Buses were available for protesters who wanted to voluntarily leave and be taken to a state-sponsored Travel Assistance Center to receive resources to leave the area. Four individuals were taken to the Travel Assistance Center. Law enforcement officers did not enter the camp at any time and an unknown number of protesters remain in the camp.