Equipment under the direction of Incident Command continued to assist with cleanup of the Oceti Sakowin camp.  As on previous days, protesters at the gate delayed the equipment from entering and searched all equipment as it entered causing it to take approximately 90 minutes for all equipment to enter.  Due to extremely muddy conditions, there was very limited progress in doing the cleanup. At approximately 3:00 pm, representatives from the ND Governor’s office and the US Corps of Engineers met with people from the camp and discussed the requirement that the camp be vacated by 2:00 pm on February 22, 2017. While cleanup activities are occurring in the camp, there is obvious movement of some structures and materials to higher ground in the Oceti camp to include construction of new wooden buildings.  A fence was also being constructed around a portion of the structures in the camp.  A thunderstorm moved through the camp in the early evening hours.  No significant protest activity occurred.