At approximately 7:30 am, protesters were beginning to illegally establish a new camp on the west side of Hwy 1806 directly west of the current Oceti Sakowin camp.  This is private property owned by DAPL/Energy Transfer Partners.  A pay loader and other equipment was being used to clear snow and tepee poles and other items are being hauled to this area.  Throughout the morning, additional clearing of snow in this area was completed and at least 4 tepees were being constructed. It was estimated there were 40 – 50 protesters in this camp area throughout the morning. Beginning at approximately 12:20 pm, the barricades at the Backwater Bridge were moved to allow law enforcement vehicles to travel south on the bridge in order to access and take action to clear the protesters from the private property west of Hwy 1806.  While the barricades were being moved, the protesters were placing vehicles and other obstacles on the highway to restrict access to the new camp west of Hwy 1806. At approximately 1:45 pm, a group of 8 protesters walked onto the Backwater Bridge and were met by law enforcement representatives.  Law enforcement informed the protesters that their new camp was on private property and they were trespassing and they needed to leave and remove the tepees and other items from the property.  After several minutes the discussion ended and the protesters returned to the camp area.   It was estimated there were approximately 60 protesters at the west camp at this time.  Upon return to the camp, there was activity to continue to erect tepees instead of beginning to take them down as directed by law enforcement. Law enforcement continued to make preparations to approach the camp and at approximately 2:15 pm, a group of approximately 12 protesters walked to the Backwater Bridge and approached law enforcement.  Law enforcement informed the protesters that as they had not made any effort to leave the private property as directed, anyone there is considered to be trespassing and they would be subject to arrest.  The protesters said that there were people who would not leave the camp and would have to be arrested.  The protesters returned to the area of the camp.  It was estimated there were approximately 80 protesters at the camp area at the time and an additional 30 on Hwy 1806 by the entrance to the west camp.  Law enforcement began moving south on Hwy 1806 from the Backwater Bridge at approximately 2:40 pm.  Law enforcement encountered a large group of protesters on Hwy 1806 south of the Backwater Bridge that slowly retreated as law enforcement advanced.  The protesters on the highway were also coming from the Oceti Sakowin camp on the east side of Hwy 1806.  The protesters were told to return to the Oceti camp and law enforcement was not taking action against that camp.   Protesters started fires in 2 vehicles parked along the access road into the west camp apparently to attempt to hinder law enforcement access to the camp. At approximately 3:00 pm, law enforcement reached the access road to the west camp and a pay loader was brought forward to clear wood debris piled on Hwy 1806 so that law enforcement vehicles could enter the access road to the west camp.  Law enforcement then proceeded to the area of the camp and by approximately 4:00 pm the camp was cleared.  All those who had refused to leave were arrested and taken into custody. Representatives from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe were allowed to remove tepee materials from the property.  By approximately 6:00 pm, law enforcement had returned back to the north side of the Backwater Bridge and the barricades were replaced on the bridge. As of this time, the number of persons arrested is reported as 76.  Formal charges are still being completed.