Dakota Access is moving equipment down to the site. Demonstrators on horseback pushed LE officers manning barricade line back.  A hole was cut in the property fence and approximately 50 demonstrators went onto private property.   Reports from the site are that when the protesters initially stormed the construction site on private land they broke windows out of a loader and struck a 10-code (private security) person providing security for the DAPL workers.   All construction on site has stopped and Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) workers are leaving the site and supporting Law Enforcement is preparing to leave the immediate area as well.Total of 10 arrests occurred. The protesters have exited the private property where the pipeline company was working and have returned to the designated protest assembly area. Additional demonstrators were arriving in the area. A camp is being planned for the southeast side of the Cannonball River Bridge. A tribal press briefing was conducted at 11:30. The Morton County Commission Chairman has signed an Emergency Declaration. According to subsection 4 of section 37-17.1-05 this declaration is in effect for seven days and will be heard by the entire commission at the next County Commission meeting. DAPL sued in federal court Monday to stop protesters near an American Indian reservation in North Dakota to stop interfering with the project, alleging the safety of workers and law enforcement are at risk.